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Posted on 11-Jan-2019

The very first bike to sell! We were given a frame with some parts, we added wheels, a new drivetrain and after a full strip down, here she is! #spokeydokeybikes #Hashtags #service #bicycles #repairshop #oopnorth #fullstrip&rebuild

Posted on 09-Jan-2019

The rebuilt wheel, fresh rim, spokes and nipples! Just needs tightening now...! #spokeydokeybikes #Hashtags #bikeshop #bikerepairshop #service #cyclerepairs #bicyclerepairs #wheelbuilds #funfunfun

Posted on 03-Jan-2019

Our first e-bike wheel re-build! Picked out the spokes and the rim, the customer is happy with the choice, so let's get cracking! #spokeydokeybikes #Hashtags #service #bicycles #repairshop #oopnorth #newyearsresolution #newyearsrevolution #herecomesthesummer #cyclerepairs #cyclinglife #wheelbuilds

Posted on 20-Dec-2018

Finished service on bike number 6! #spokeydokeybikes #Hashtags #service #bicycles #repairshop #oopnorth #newyearsresolution #bikesforchristmas #shortestdaytomorrow #springisroundthecorner

Posted on 14-Dec-2018

We found an on-brand windmill! Perfect! #spokeydokeybikes #Hashtags #service #bicycles #repairshop #windmill #awesome

Posted on 02-Dec-2018

Well, it's 00:10 on Sunday morning. The 2nd of December! Our official launch day, so i guess we're open for business! Hello world!

Posted on 25-Nov-2018

Surely the very best way to remove a seized bottom bracket! Drown it in high creep freeze spray and then use a huge pipe!


Bicycle Servicing

  • Bronze Service

    This is our basic service. We adjust and align your gears so all your changes are lovely and crisp. We lubricate your chain. We adjust your brakes to make sure you are in full control. We make sure your tyres are pumped up. We do a thorough safety check of all the important bits, making sure all bolts are done up to the correct torque. This service includes fitting new brake pads, tyres and tubes - if required. Parts are not included. We will also give advice of anything that might need looking at a few months down the line and we clean the frame!
  • Silver Service

    One step up, this service has everything you find in Bronze, but also includes fitting of inner and outer cables, chain and cassette/sprockets if required and truing and tensioning the wheels. We clean the frame and wheels and wipe down other parts. We remove the pedals, stem and seatpost (pencil mark to make sure it goes back at the right height!) and re-grease (or re-prep - for carbon) and refit. Parts are not included.
  • Gold Service

    Includes everything from Silver and includes fitting of headsets, bottom brackets and cranksets. This includes a full degrease of your transmission and a deep clean of the entire bike. (risky offer having seen the state of some bikes!) This service gives your beloved bike a new lease of life!
  • The Overhaul

    For your pide and joy, or when every Watt matters! Includes everything*. A full strip down, deep clean, de-grease, re-grease, re-prep, threads chased, overhaul of your bike. All seatpost/saddle/stem/bar/brifter/shifter/brake/grip angles and measurements are taken to ensure the bike is returned fitting you as before, yet feeling like new! This include cleaning, degreasing and repacking bearings or replacing if necessary. Also includes replacing fluid and bleeding Reverb seatposts and hydraulic brakes (rim or disc). Parts are not included. (*I do not profess to have the knowledge or tools to service all suspension forks or shocks - however, I have a good relationship with specialists at Fork and Shock servicing. and I can remove, package, send and refit your suspension for free. This will incur a charge from the company that I will pass on to you at cost.)
  • Repairs

    I can repair most bikes, depending on what afflicts the bike! Limitations are frame damage, suspension damage, and fundamentally bent and broken things. I cannot (or will not for safety reasons) repair these. I can replace and refit broken parts and if something is recoverable I can repair it! Price varies and parts are not included.
  • Tubeless wheel set-up

    Per wheel.
  • Full mudguard fitting F&R

    Mudguards not included, I can recommend mudguards and order them in.


2 months ago
After my beloved Cube had been stolen I was desperate to find another great bike, but I didn't want to buy a new one. Chris and the Spokey Dokey crew came to the rescue with this little gem of a bike, although at the beginning it needed a bit of attention, "The Overhaul" service in fact. They did an awesome job gathering the parts, mounting, painting, tuning. The result is an impressive ride experience, smooth and very enjoyable. Chris expertly advised me at every step of the process, going out of his way to fulfil my requirements. The delivery time and competitive price are the cherries on top of the cake. 11/10 would run to them again.
- Antonio C
2 months ago
I had a great experience with Chris. He answer all my questions throughorly and picked up my bike and brought it back when he was done (which was Soo handy as I work during the business day and find it hard to do things like get my bike looked at!). He kept me updated with progress and let me know what work he had done on the bike which included sending a checklist of things he did/checked. And he made sure I was ok with the price for the service and gave me a heads up of what work might need to be done to it next time around. All in all a very great service and I'm a very happy customer.
- Rebecca M
3 months ago
I would like to thank you Chris for doing a fantastic job on my bike at such short notice It is riding far better than it was from new Very much appreciated Highly recomended
- Darryl W

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We are a newly opened bicycle repair shop based in Whixley. We  offer both repairs and services for your bike, with four different levels from a spruce up and safety Bronze service, right the way up to "The Overhaul" - a complete strip down and rebuild to make your bike feel brand new again!
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